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We digitalize logistics with Artificial Intelligence

Label and barcode detection

Inventory made on the fly !

Logistics companies spend on a very repetitive basis important human and technical resources for their inventory controls, characterized by a high volume of objects and a high rotation

At FlyLab, we develop Robotic and IT solution to simplify and automate the whole inventory process. Our expertise in AI, robotics systems, and IT allow us to digitalize in a highly custom way the use cases of our clients in the Logistic sector : specific bar code and label reading, management of the physical inventory trail according to the site plan and configuration, precise geolocalisation of the objects, selecting and managing a specific moving device for the inventory, ...

We digitalize your products

Wine making is getting online !

Wine making follows tradition as well as process : in order to get the most refined precision, quality and security in their process, wine makers rely now on data and digital monitoring

We have developed for our client a very specific IoT suite plugged in wine tanks, allowing us to capture physical data through specific sensors and channeled to an IT back-end through a specifically designed electronic board and IT architecture. The whole information is displayed through charts, tables and web based displays to end-users œnologists, on IOS and Android

Automated data capture



FlyLab is the association of passionate developers and researchers specialized on IT, Webdev, Electronics, Robotics, AI, Statistics, Big Data, Physics, working on assembling technology in the smartest way to answer very specific industrial needs from our various clients.

Our goal : simplify IT and physically bring it where it is absent today.

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